How to ...

1. How to use the SEARCH-button at the bottom-left of the catalogue page :

You can type any word and if this word is mentioned in the articles description, the article will be shown in the list.

There are also specific categories that can be searched on : basics, round, oval, basket, special, unique, kids, fashionable, customizable.


2. How to see the correct price of an article when multiple possibilities exist :

for example : SYDNEY (SET) (S) (M) (L) (XL), the price shown under the article is the price of the (S) variant

each of the possibilities has a different price but only 1 price is shown on the catalogue page, to see the correct price of each possibility you have to click on the article and select the possibility of which you want to see the price off

for example : to see the price of the SET : click on the article and then choose the option SET


3. How to order a customised / personalised bag : 

Customisation / personalisation is offered as an option (because these are possible on different kind of bags). So you have to order the bag AND the customisation / personalisation you want on the bag.

For example : to order a bag as in the picture above, you have to order the bag, in this case BARI (M) AND the personalisation 'a X4 : inititals (2 letters) + stripes pattern 2' variation 'light pink / titanium white / light pink'.


4. How to contact

Mail us at and we'll reply asap.